03/23/2015 0 ‘Famous’ music video

The music video for Famous has been released :)

02/19/2015 0 Charli XCX at the NME Awards 2015

Charli attended to the NME Awards 2015 in London in February 18th. She won the category ‘Dancefloor Filler’ with Iggy and Charli’s song ‘Fancy’.
Here’s a video of her performance and some pictures, we’ll be adding more soon.


x026 | Awards Shows 2015: NME Awards 2015 

02/19/2015 0 Madeon and Charli XCX actually worked on two songs for his new album

Likely genius Madeon’s SENSATIONALLY REVEALED to Popjustice that the song ‘OK’ on his new album does indeed feature Charli XCX, but it’s just a sample from one of two other songs they recorded.

Basically right we were having a chat with Madeon and asked him about ‘OK”s inception, and why Charli doesn’t appear as a proper ‘feat’, and the ‘Shuriken’ hitmaker painted the following picture using words:

“We did a session in December 2013, so before ‘Boom Clap’. I was a big fan and I loved ‘SuperLove’. I was just starting to write for the album because I’d been on tour so much and basically I didn’t have a track ready to show her. We went into the studio and I pulled out a track I had that I didn’t think was amazing. But she wrote to it and she’s obviously great and an amazing singer and she’s awesome, so we did that and I didn’t end up finishing the song, and it didn’t really fit the album.”

So then what happened?

“I was working separately on this song called ‘OK’ which was an instrumental, sort of like a producer jam and I sampled her voice from that session. Then I asked permission obviously and I was really lucky that she was happy with it. I didn’t want to do ‘feat Charli XCX’ and make people think she was featured.”

Obviously we asked if we could hear the original song. Not only did Madeon say no, but he also said there were actually TWO Charli collaborations in existence. What a little bugger.

“There was actually two of them [songs that is],” he declared. “I remember coming out of the sessions thinking ‘she needs to be the biggest popstar, she’s really great’. I hope we get to write again and that I have tracks ready next time. It was totally my fault. I missed an opportunity there.”

The full tracklisting:

1. Isometric
2. You’re On (feat Kyan)
3. OK
4. La Lune (feat Dan Smith from Bastille)
5. Pay No Mind (feat Passion Pit)
6. Beings
7. Imperium
8. Zephyr
9. Nonsense (feat Mark Foster)
10. Innocence (feat Aquilo)
11. Pixel Empire
12. Home

‘Deluxe’ bonus tracks:

13. Icarus
14. Finale (feat. Nicholas Petricca)
15. The City
16. Cut The Kid
17. Technicolor
18. Only Way Out (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)

02/19/2015 0 Charli XCX will be at Rock in Rio USA

Rock In Rio will get a little bit closer to home this spring, as the fest will be staged in the United States for the very first time. Rock In Rio USA is set to take place the weekends of May 8-9 and May 15-16 at the City Of Rock venue in Las Vegas. The first weekend will be focused on rock acts while the following weekend is all about pop.

This British singer and songwriter is taking her place among the top names in the pop universe.Rolling Stone named her most recent release Sucker the best pop album of 2014, and it also reached the number two spot in Billboard’s Best of 2014 list. She’s also received the “Hitmaker of the Year” Award from Billboard, lending further credence to her songwriting skills.

Are you ready to break the rules with Charli XCX? Buy your tickets to a one-of-a-kind Vegas experience here.

02/16/2015 0 The Prismatic World Tour starts today!

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour starts today in Barcelona, Spain and Charli XCX is her open act in Europe. So here’s all tour dates and Charli’s setlist for the shows. I’ll be uploading all the pictures when they came out :)

Tour Dates

February 16, 2015 – Barcelona, Spain: Palau Saint Jordi
February 17, 2015 – Montpellier, France: Park Suite Arena
February 20, 2015 – Lyon, France: Halle Tony Garnier
February 21, 2015 – Milan, Italy: Mediolanum Forum
February 23, 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic: O2 Arena
February 24, 2015 – Krakow, Poland: Krakow Arena
February 26, 2015 – Vienna, Austria: Stadthalle
February 27, 2015 – Bratislava, Slovakia: Slovnaft Arena
March 1, 2015 – Zurich, Switzerland: Hallenstadion
March 2, 2015 – Munich, Germany: Olympiahalle
March 4, 2015 – Antwerp, Belgium: Sportpaleis
March 5, 2015 – Cologne, Germany: Lanxess Arena
March 7, 2015 – Herning, Denmark: Jyske Bank Boxen
March 9, 2015 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Ziggo Dome
March 12, 2015 – Hamburg, Germany: O2 World
March 13, 2015 – Berlin, Germany: O2 World
March 15, 2015 – Riga, Latvia: Arena
March 18, 2015 – Helsinki, Finland: Hartwall Arena
March 20, 2015 – Oslo, Norway: Telenor Arena
March 22, 2015 – Stockholm, Sweden: Ericsson Globe


London queen
I love it
Super love
Break the rules
Breaking up
Die tonight
Doing it
Boom clap

02/16/2015 0 New Photoshoot and Interview for The Line of Best Fit

The Line of best fit just posted on their site a new Interview and Photoshoot with Charli in the backstage of her show in London the last October 10th.

Her choice of attire is hardly demure either: lemon yellow quilted hot pants and a matching jacket left open to expose her bra – oh, and bright blue sunglasses. The six songs she performs for the tanked-up crowd are brash, catchy and exhilarating: pop music with bollocks, basically.

Charli XCX looks and sounds like your most favourite pop star, the one you actually want to hang out with.

“Do you know what’s really good about having some success now?” she tells me the day before in a trendy central London coffee shop. “You can just do all the shit you wanna do. For example, tomorrow night I’m having these strippers on stage and I said, ‘I’m not having them unless they have gold star-shaped nipple tassels’. Before, people would never have taken me seriously. But now I can say, ‘No, they need to have gold star-shaped nipple tassels because it mirrors the “Doing It” video and even if nobody else notices it, I will notice it and it’s really important to me…and now everyone just says, ‘OK cool, we understand, we’ll sort it'”.

“And I’m like, YESSS! Thank God.”

Today, Charli admits matter-of-factly that “I’ve always thought of myself as a pop star,” but now, seven years after she started performing at dodgy raves in east London and songs called “!Franchesckaar!” and “Art Bitch” were posted on her MySpace, it looks as though the rest of the world is catching up. Before Christmas, she sang on iconic US sketch show Saturday Night Live; a gig you just don’t get if you’re only “popular on the blogs”, as Charli became in 2011 when she released “Stay Away” (“the first song I’d ever written that I actually liked”), and to a certain extent still was when 2013’s debut album True Romance came out.

“I mean, I’ve always done things like a pop star,” Charli continues. “I’ve always said things that you’re not meant to say. I’ve always worn stuff that most people would never wear. And I’ve done stuff like make videos with guns and cheerleaders in them. But I think the public only really sees you as a pop star when the Daily Mail starts taking pictures of you on the street, or TMZ wants to ask you silly questions about Taco Bell, which is what happened to me last week.”



x002 | Photoshoots 2014: The Line of Best Fit by Jason Williams

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